Be a Votunteer!

By becoming an activist at KACED, you may become a part of our works to build a better world respecting human rights.  You can join our immediate action network, include yourself into local groups and/or become an Internet supporter for us. 

You can access to detailed information and documents about the human rights and about our works either by visiting our office, or sending us an e-mail. 

Please mail us to get more information about activism studies and to become our activist:

To be a volunteer in KACED, you only need to fill volunteer form. For a healthy communication, you may fill the volunteer form and send it to Our team will send you an e-mail when they receive your form and then, your volunteer process will begin. 

During your volunteer works, you will both join to basic trainings about KACED and nature and contribute to the activities of our association.  Volunteer process to KACED is an individual process which will be defined by you and our team together. 

We listed some volunteer supports to give you an thought about our working areas.  Please do not take that list as a limiting format but just a list to give you some insight.  In the form you will fill, you may define what type of support you would like to give to KACED, without being limited with the list. 

KACED embassy 

We need the support of volunteers to provide new volunteers to KACED, to create source, and most importantly, to express the views of the association to more different people.  As a volunteer of KACED, you may develop the network of people living with no harm to the nature, either in rural or urban areas.  In this regard, you may apply your own volunteer works and announce them via KACED. 

Promotion and logistics 

One of the most important methods to make KACED access more people is face-to-face communication works.  Our association opens booths in festivals, concerts and many different activities to reach more people.  We need volunteers in these booths and giving information to people.  Beside booth works, we also need support in office.  We need volunteering works in KACED offices from driving to shopping or even mattock. 

Nature observation 

Observation of and collection data from species in Black Sea Region and Important Nature Area regularly are important basis for many scientific studies.  You can join to nature observers network by becoming a KACED volunteer. 

Photography and film 

There are numberless types of species and natural events in every corner of Black Sea Region waiting to be distinguished.  Thus, we need volunteers for nature photography and film making to provide evidences for legal cases, to express the nature, document it and to make artistic works. 


 Day by day, the pressure over nature and illegal works are increasing.  To prevent such problems, the number of side-kick volunteers in KACED are needed. The participation of volunteers is important for each stage organized by KACED. These organizations are done sometimes to trigger public consciousness and sometimes to directly prevent destructions in nature. For this reason, we need volunteers to find creative activity ideas, to announce them, to follow official processes, prepare banners, prepare some costumes and to participate in the activities. On the other hand, we need support from volunteers regarding the documentation of harmful activities to the nature, making official correspondences, trigger legal processes, and to provide information for the press and public thought. 


There are people and institutions in the world working with the same purposes of KACED. To create common publishes in this common fight for the nature, to translate existing documents to each other’s language, to understand each other in common activities are very significant. With the support of people who can translate in writing or simultaneously, it becomes possible to provide information and experience share with those people and institutions. We need volunteers who can translate especially from and to English for simultaneous translation in international events, and translation of press announcements, news, foreign news and publishes.  

Training seminars 

We are in need of volunteers who can produce publishes and games for different age groups, participate in training activities of KACED, represent our association in schools and different fields and participate in the training of the trainers. 

To give volunteer support to KACED for above mentioned, or other fields, please fill the form below and send it to