Our priorities

The functional priorities of the KACED Association include;

  institutional building and strengthening ,

 supporting existing networks to build capacity in targeted NGOs, consolidate intra-organisational democracy and to ensure that NGOs engage in communication and cooperation, both within the country and abroad, among themselves as well as with the State and Local governments,

  giving support particularly to those initiatives which have capacity to be recognised as best practice or potential to make any successful initiative sustainable.

In terms of identities, the Kaced Association;

Absolutely avoids any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, political view, philosophical inclination or religious faith.

In terms of technical priorities, the Kaced Association;

Accords priority to projects which are sustainable and have multiplier effect; well focused to desired objectives; capable of responding to research and development needs through capacity analysis and having their local components as well.