Strengthening the Local Democracy and Civil Society

Our association supports the possibility of democratic change as well as respecting to the loyalty to pluralism, humanrights and superiority of the law. The civil society activities contributes to the creation of a more open, participating and accordingly more dynamic democratic society by enriching the political agenda and the public discussion media. Therefore, our association promotes the active participation of the individuals in the creation of policy and the determination of the legal agenda in Turkey especially in the Black Sea Region.

Our Association realized many projects in the creation of a dynamic civil society in the Black Sea Region. It prepared the proposal file of the Project of "Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations Office Managers Capacity Increase", which is the most important one of such projects, conducted by the Provincial Directorate of Associations of the Governorship of Rize with the support of the British Embassy. After it was accepted, the training works of the project were carried out by our association.

The Project of ‘’Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations Office Managers Capacity Increase" was implemented between the dates of 01.06 2005 - 26.10.2005. The purpose of the project is to define the cooperation and mutual consultation processes and to increase the participation level of the non-governmental organizations in the decision-taking and policy determination processes in the field of the Non-Governmental Organizations by establishing a permanent cooperation mechanicm between the civil society and public sector in the field of Civil Sector.

Within the scope of the project, first of all, the relevant posters, brochures, training notes, associations legislation booklet were prepared. Afterwards, the workshop studies and training seminars were held in 3 separate places in Rize. The certificates were granted to those who participated in the training.

The law of associations and other legal legislation involving the associations, which were amended within the process of Law of Harmonization Code of the European Union, were mentioned to the Non-Governmental Organizations and office members of the District associations operating in Rize and its districts by the project trainer Yasar YEGEN. The training lasted 46 hours in total.


Training topics:

Stage 1 Training: Occurrence of the Project Subject and Idea

Stage 2 Training: Project Cycle (project stages, principles, project preparation, identification/analysis methods.).

Stage 3 Training: Establishment of Project Budget and Expense Justification

Stage 4 Training: Logical Framework Approach

Stage 5 Training: Group Work

Stage 6 Training: Ability of Performing Common Work and Communication


On 10 February 2006, the participants of the project training works were granted certificates at the conference held in the Conference Hall of Hasan Kemal Yardimci Anatolian Maritime Vocational High School. The Second Clerk of the British Embassy Mr. Geoff COLLIER and the governor of Rize Mr. Enver SALIHOGLU participated in the conferencec as honoured guest.


Project photos: