Human Rights and Citizenship

In today’s world, we are living in a complex and global world wherein the mutual relationships become more and more complex. This will inevitably have consequences reflected in our lives. The first one is to learn how to live with the "other". In the context of economy-politics of Turkey, this has become a quasi-imperative in recent years. The citizens of Turkey have started to travel more frequently than ever, to use different communication tools and in general be more connected with the rest of the world. The number of tourists received in Turkey, migrations due to economic reasons or wars as well as from rural to urban areas and all in all the mobility occurring today expanded the limits of common life and intersections. On top of all these, the economic mobility, free trade and new international energy/transport agreements created new areas of common life. The zeitgeist obliges Turkey to carefully consider and take initiative upon various subjects such as participatory democracy, human rights, civil dialogue, sustainable development, fight against gender and ethnical discrimination. People from different opinions, regional sensibilities, and ethnicities, social and economic status have to create the ways to live in peace and prosperity in Turkey. All these aspects constitute important factors of the relationship between Turkey and EU.

Our Association addresses the topics "Being a Human", "Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities", "Justice and Equality", "Compromise", "Codes" and "Common Life" with utmost care. We conduct awareness raising campaigns on these matters. When the gains of awareness are structured, we put the human in the center of every step and pay attention to internalizing such aspects like "immunity of life and body", "active citizenship", "peace", "compromise", "common life", "respecting differences" and the "rule of law".

The most prominent study that we have conducted on the Human Rights and Citizenship is named:

              Environmental Training for the Regional Gendarme Command in Rize


In order to request the detailed information about the studies that we had carried out in these fields and the project products, you can contact with our Human Rights and Citizenship Works Coordinator Ms. Meltem SAYMAN.