The foundation of a multi-culture society is formed by democracy, secularism and pluralism. The pluralism is nor only a political philosophy. It is an application that is defined as the participation or affect of the different clusters into or on the decision-making process by institutionalized methods as organized and under legal assurance.

The multiculturalism is a historical anthropological reality for all societies except for several exceptions.

Our Association has proved that it can operate in the field of multiculturalism with the projects that it carries out with refard to Laz culture.

Our Association takes an effective charge in the Black Sea Region in the field of multiculturalism. It carried out the study of the "The Project on Revitalisation of the Laz Culture, Literature and Language'' that will support the awareness in the field of multiculturalims with the support of the EU and MATRA/KAP Programme.


In order to request the detailed information about the studies that we had carried out in these fields and the project products, you can contact with our Multiculturalism Works Coordinator Mr. Abdullah ÖNER.