Studies for Disabled people


The problems and difficulties that the disabled individual experiences manifest themselves in both his family and social surrounding. One of the greatest obstacles in front of the accession of the disabled to the society is the transportation, physical environment and dwelling problem. The physical environment in which the disabled live is of high importance due to their physical disfunctions/disabilities and the resulting restrictions. As we have stated in the field of Training, while designing a society and while creating a society model, it is also necessary to design the physical environment in which the people live by considering everyone living in that society. It is a fact that all environmental elements from the dwellings to tha public life areas and means of transport are not designed by taking into account the characteristics and requirements of the disabled. Roads, pavements, public buildings, parks and gardens, schools, dwellings, means of transport and many similar physical environmental elements pose a serious obstacle in front of the accession of the disabled to the society. In this way, the restriction that the people who have restricted movement ability due to their disability experience for these and similar reasons is consolidated more and more. This means the exclusion of the individual having restricted movement ability from the social life. However, all of these can be designed and developed so as to facilitate the accession and consolidation of the disabled to and with the society.

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