15 July 2016

We Strongly Condemn the Attempted Coup and Remain Firmly Committed To Our Democracy

On the night of July 15, Turkey survived a grave danger. We, as Kaced Association, believe in the principles of human rights, pluralist society and that political power should only be transferred through free and open popular elections, and will continue to do so. Our association  "We Strongly Condemn the Attempted Coup and Remain Firmly Committed To Our Democracy" of our press releases can be downloaded as a PDF file titled association.

01 March 2016

Make it Green Innovation Life Style!

We have already started our awareness campaign whose title is "Make it Green Innovation Life Style!" on 1 March 2016. You can reach ​detail information about the campaign at this link.

10 January 2016

Problems of Kackar Mountains National Park and Ecotourism

Due to the sensitive and critical structure of the ecotourism, to the fact that Rize-Çamlıhemşin Ayder Tableland, Fırtına Valley and Kaçkar Mountains National Park are some of the most sensitive areas in all around Turkey in terms of environment and natural life, social activities that will increase the income levels of local population are direly needed.Informing all stakeholders in the field of ecotourism, establishing a good communication network between non-governmental organizations and public ones and institutional consultancy mechanisms through which NGOs and public sector can maintain a continuous exchange of ideas and inclusion of NGOs to decision making processes are of vital importance. Dowland PDF Folder for detail information, please.