Make it Green Innovation Life Style!, March 2016


With the increasing effects of global warming to our lives, the concept of nature and environment friendly product which has a limited space in industrial societies has grown to reach large consumer masses.  In the USA, the awareness to global warning was about 20% a few years ago while it has become 80% now.  This rate is higher in Europe.  So, the concept of global warming was no more "just a trivial problem repeatedly spoken by a handful of environmentalists" for regular consumers.

The point is, this roblem is no more a problem for the future but today.  Climate change danger was first introduced in 1960s but its importance has been lately understood by the consumers with the increase in famines and environmental disasters resulting from climate changes.

It is also undeniable that some big companis contributed to this awareness since they became aware of the importance of climate change far way before the consumers.  However, it might be some confusing that together with increasing awareness towards environment among consumers, this has also become one of the priorities for the strategies of the companies.

A campaign was started for the students in Black Sea Region for green pro-activity.  You can contact us to join the campaign.