We want a clean and healthy future! October 2014

The energy infrastructure to be built in the following four years will define our destinies for climate change for generations.

We are aware that all countries have the right to develop.  However, we should now invest in clean and renewable energies to stop the dangerous results of climate change, to decrease the harms of fossil fuels on human health, and so secure our common future.

We call the financial institutions and governments around the world to get into action immediately and to invest in sustainable energy resources such as wind and sun.  And to decrease their investments in coal, fuel, and gas and to leave the un-sustainable energy resources of today.

We have many reasons to invest in nature.  We defend a future where humanity and nature live in a harmony.  Investments in fuel oils threaten natural life and the future of the societies.  Investments in sustainable energy, on the other hand, provide a clean and sustainable future for all of us.  

Rewarding dangers to nature and humanity must stop.

We choose investing in solutions not problems.